Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit News

Recent Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit News:

Johnson's Baby Powder Cancer Trials May Pivot on Which Asbestos Testing Method is Adopted | 12/12/2019

Johnson & Johnson and the cosmetics industry is fighting to maintain lax asbestos testing standards that have been in place for decades...READ MORE

The FDA's Objective Oversight of the Johnson & Johnson Does Not Pass the Smell Test | 12/9/2019

The FDA's man in charge of monitoring the cosmetics industry and the talc/asbestos testing methods the industry adopted was a former Johnson & Johnson employee...READ MORE

Several Independent Tests And Studies Find Asbestos In Johnson's Baby Powder | 12/3/2019

More evidence surfaces every month that support plaintiff's allegations that Johnson's Baby Powder causes cancer...READ MORE

Much Is At Stake In a Unique Upcoming Johnson's Baby Powder Trial | 11/26/2019

A Hawaii woman who used Johnson's Baby Powder on her horses is suing Johnson & Johnson for causing her mesothelioma...READ MORE

Top Reasons To Throw Out Johnson's Baby Powder and Switch to Cornstarch | 11/18/2019

There are many reasons to switch to cornstarch to powder your baby's bottom and zero to continue to use Johnson's Baby Powder...READ MORE

The FDA Stands By Their Johnson's Baby Powder Asbestos Tests | 11/4/2019

Johnson & Johnson countered that their testing did not find asbestos in Johnson's Baby Powder Samples...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Recalls Baby Powder Due to Finding Minute Traces of Asbestos | 11/1/2019

How much asbestos in talc is too much is the $50 billion question...READ MORE

Particles of Talc Found in Cancerous Lung Tissue | 10/21/2019

There are only a few sources of asbestos remaining that can cause mesothelioma and talc may be one of them...READ MORE

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