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Top Reasons To Throw Out Johnson's Baby Powder and Switch to Cornstarch

There are many reasons to switch to cornstarch to powder your baby's bottom and zero to continue to use Johnson's Baby Powder

Monday, November 18, 2019 - Women in general and young mothers, in particular, are urged to throw away Johnson's Baby Powder and all other talc-based cosmetics and switch to cornstarch-based products which work just as well as talcum powder but are safer. There are a wide variety of cornstarch-based baby powders available in their plain form or containing a variety of different fragrances. Each is much safer than talcum powders as cornstarch is FDA regulated as a consumable food product whereas talcum powders are considered cosmetic and unregulated. Organic cornstarch is available from leading companies like 365 brand, Anthony's Organic Corn Starch, and the iconic ARGO cornstarch. Cornstarch is even preferable to talcum powder for feminine hygiene purposes. Talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuits attorney have vast experience handling medical litigations against large and powerful corporations and offer a free no obligation consultation before filing a claim.

At the heart of the Johnson's Baby Powder talcum powder cancer crisis that the nation now finds itself embroiled, is the notion that the public assumed that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulated baby powder. It does not. Baby powder is considered a cosmetic for regulatory purposes exactly like makeup and other non-consumable items and the FDA does not have pre-market testing authority nor the ability to force a company to recall their products if they are found defective.

Johnson & Johnson rigorously denies that their iconic brand of baby powder causes cancer and says continues to claim that the product is pure and safe to use on your baby. Johnson's Baby Powder has always, however, contained a warning, innocuous and harmless as it is worded, that inhaling baby powder dust can lead to lung distress. The Johnson's Baby Powder warning label reads: "Keep powder away from child's face to avoid inhalation, which can cause breathing problems. Avoid contact with the eyes. For external use only." Thousands of people that now suffer from mesothelioma, the irreversible scarring of the lungs, and wonder what breathing problems the company had in mind when it wrote the warning. Other talc-based powder products like Angel of Mine Baby Powder immediately responded to the findings of talc causing cancer by warning consumers on their product. "This product contains talcum powder and is intended for external use only. Frequent application of talcum powder in the female genital area may increase the risk of ovarian cancer."

With all that has been discovered about Johnson's Baby Powder's potential to cause ovarian and lung cancer, it is a wonder why the US Government has not stepped in and banned talcum powder from the market throughout the country. Could it be that Johnson & Johnson is a multi-billion dollar conglomerate that spends billions in advertising with the same television, newspaper, and magazines that the public trusts to expose the deadly truth about talc? Thankfully we have the internet and product liability attorneys to help those that have been injured seek monetary compensation and alert the public of the dangers that baby powder presents to mothers and their babies.

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