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Much Is At Stake In a Unique Upcoming Johnson's Baby Powder Trial

A Hawaii woman who used Johnson's Baby Powder on her horses is suing Johnson & Johnson for causing her mesothelioma

Tuesday, November 26, 2019 - The Food and Drug Administration's recent findings of asbestos in bottles of Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder have provided new ammunition for plaintiffs suing the company for causing their cancer. There are currently over 12,000 lawsuits and possibly many more that claim that Johnson's Baby Powder gave them ovarian cancer or mesothelioma. Up until about a month ago, plaintiffs relied upon the testimony of expert witnesses to support their claims of talc, the primary ingredient in Johnson's Baby Powder, containing asbestos, a known carcinogen. JNJ defense counsel has argued that the methods of testing used by the so-called experts were inadequate and produced false-positive readings. FDA scientists used electron-microscopy techniques, the same as those used by notorious plaintiff expert, Georgia-based electron microscope expert Dr. William Longo, to uncover the presence of asbestos. Johnson & Johnson has fought using this method of testing talc for asbestos since it was first proposed by the FDA decades ago, on the basis that it is too sensitive and renders false positives. Dr. Longo has testified in the past that when it comes to detecting asbestos in talc, "either its is there or it isn't." It is common knowledge that no amount of asbestos is safe no matter how small.

In a critical twist, Reuters has reported that the scientist working for the lab the FDA used that found the asbestos in talc is the same ones who have served as a JNJ defense expert. Plaintiff attorneys are questioning the lab as to why they are finding asbestos now when they presumably performed hundreds of negative tests in the past, the inference being that JNJ may have falsely reported the lab's findings or manipulated the data in some way. Talcum powder ovarian cancer attorneys consult American families harmed from prolonged use of Johnson and Johnson's talcum powder containing asbestos in the formula offering a free consultation.

The fight over the reliability of the FDA's talcum powder asbestos finding is at the center of a recent lawsuit filed against Johnson & Johnson where a Honolulu, Hawaii woman claims that using Johnson's Baby Powder to groom her horses regularly and over decades caused her to inhale cancer-causing particles of asbestos. Equine chiropractor Jacqueline Becker filed a civil suit in Honolulu Circuit Court against Johnson & Johnson and Food Land Supermarket Ltd. where she is said to have purchased the product. Ms. Becker and others claim that the regular and lifelong use of Johnson's Baby Powder caused them to inhale Baby Powder dust and to develop mesothelioma. Becker's claim to have used Johnson's Baby Powder on the horses she cared for is a unique application of the product. One can imagine the quantity of Baby Powder that would be needed to dust a horse and the cloud of dust that applying it could create. Ms. Becker's inclusion of Food Land Supermarkets is also interesting in that it is the first case where a retailer is being held accountable for the safety of the products it sells. When Johnson & Johnson issued a recall of Johnson's Baby Powder last month retail giants Walmart, CVS, and Rite Aid immediately removed only bottles of the lot specifically mentioned in the recall. These retailers might want to rethink their strategy and remove them all depending on the outcome of this precedent-setting case.

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